I'll never forget. Word.

4. prosince 2017 v 14:59 | SS
-- This beautiful Ak-Baital pass in Pamir, Tajikistan takes my breath away.

-- He'll always be my favorite, even though the others are all great. There's just this thing he has and no one can beat that.

-- Can't get much more honest than this. So, do you think it's less fun now?

-- And sometimes David Jones speaks exactly like my soul does. I mean, very often. Of things I may or may not experience or experienced. There's a lot of ifs.

-- This love affair may as well last forever. If Andy Warhol asks. I could never fully understand and/or explain it. But man do I feel Fernweh a lot.

-- Well, how else would they know, right?

-- Do not tell me football is better. Like ever.


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