Breath in, breath out

18. června 2015 v 21:13 | SS
Don't get fooled. It may have looked like it was, but this ain't 'bout Riri.

David Jones, Love And Space Dust

'I exist too much:
I feel too much,

Think too much.

Reality is crushing
The light out of me.'


'It is both a blessing
And a curse
To feel everything
So very deeply.'


'There seemed to be
Two worlds.
The one before and
After you.'


'She was not the
Girl of my dreams,
But the girl of every
Waking moment of
Every single day.'


'After you
Nothing was ever enough.

They could have
Given me the
World and I

Would still have
Been left wanting.'


'Those eyes of yours
Could swallow stars,
Galaxies and universes.

What hope did I
Ever have?'


'The monsters in
My head always knew
That I would
Lose you in

The end.'


'Of all the people
I used to be,

I miss the one
That you loved,
The most.'


'Everything is pure
At 4am.
Reality shivers
With the cold,
And my heart
Shivers with the
Memories of you.'


'I loved you as
Icarus loved
The sun -

Too close,
Too much.'


'Loving you was
The most
Exquisite form
Of self


'Of all the lies I
Have ever lived,
My favourite was
You and I.'


'I miss everything
And nothing
All at once.'


David Jones, Love As Stars Went Out

'My thoughts were
Destroying me.
I tried not to think
But the silence
Was a killer too.'

© David Jones

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